CFI Certified Flight Instructor


This course is designed to take commercial pilots through the professional flight instructor course with a job placement opportunity with our school. The ground training consists of classroom lectures, briefings and home study. During this part of the course the student instructors will refresh and bring up to date their technical knowledge and be taught the principles of basic instruction and how to apply them at both the PPL and advanced CPL levels.

The student will practice the planning of ground lessons and present briefings and will learn to tech from the right seat of the aircraft. Upon successful completion all eligible candidates will have the opportunity to interview for employment with our flight department as a flight instructor.


  • Commercial pilot certificate.
  • 3rd class medical.
  • FIA/FOI practical test.
18 hours of total flight that includes:
  • 10 Hours of Instruction on a C-172
  • 5 hours of Solo Flight on a C-172
  • 3 Hours of Instruction on a Piper Arrow Complex Aircraft
  • 10 hours of Briefings
  • Spin Endorsement
  • 80 Hours of Ground School
  • 1 Hour FAA Checkride Flight

The Instrument Instructor as the name implies will allow you to teach instrument students. The CFI-I course is a short course especially if you are already a CFI. You will learn how to teach basic instrument flying, that is how to control the airplane solely by reference to the instruments.

You will understand what instruments are primary and which are secondary for the task you are doing. For the student, it is very much like starting to learn to fly all over again. You will learn to teach straight and level, turns, climbs, and descents, and flight at various airspeeds, just like lesson one and two in the private pilot syllabus.

Once you master these tasks, you go on to teaching navigation, instrument approaches and landings from the approach. Your flying skills are judged as well as your teaching skills, so our course will ensure proficiency in both areas.

  • CFI Certificate.
  • 3rd class medical.
20 hours of total flight that includes:
  • 10 Hours of Flight Instruction on a C-172
  • 10 hours of Breifings
  • 25 Hours of Ground School
  • 1 Hour FAA Checkride Flight

AFA's multi-engine instructor rating program adds multi-engine privileges to your existing Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate. This program provides all necessary ground and flight instruction for tasks required by the Multi-Engine Instructor Practical Test Standards. This course will provide you with 10 hrs for flight training with one of our experienced flight instructors.

Current FAA Medical Certificate
Commercial Certificate with Multi-Engine Privileges
Current CFI Certificate
15 Hours of Multi-Engine PIC Time

5 hours of total flight that includes:

  • 5 Hours of Flight Instruction on a Multiengine Aircraft
  • 5 hours of Briefings
  • 10 Hours of Ground School
  • 1 Hour FAA Checkride Flight


Instructing at AFA gives you a networking opportunity as you work with pilots from all certification and flight experience levels ranging from U.S. military pilots; corporate pilots; regional airline pilots; independent aircraft owner/operators; and career-minded private pilot students. In the close-knit pilot community, your associations will create additional opportunities which will ultimately increase your career earnings. In the Airline industry today, timing is essential. AFA offers highly desired flight instructor jobs in South Florida, where you will earn and build single and multi-engine experience fast.

Guaranteed flight instructor job interview upon
Successful completion of our CFI program.