Instrument Rating

In our Instrument Rating Course you'll study IFR pre-flight procedures, air traffic control clearance, IFR departure, enroute, approach, and post-flight procedures. You'll be instructed on the aircraft's navigations systems, and avionics equipment and you'll practice flying by instrument references. In this course, weather services, human factors, air traffic control, and advanced systems will be discussed.

41 Hours of flight time that includes:

  • 40 hours of flight instruction from  FAA certified instructors.
  • 35 hours of  ground instruction from  FAA certified instructors.
  • 35 hours of computer lab.
  • 1 hour FAA checkride flight

Course pre-requisites:

  • Must posses a t least a Private Pilot Certificate.
  • Course duration: approximately 3 weeks.

Following the successful completion of your instrument rating course, you will be ready for the final stage of your training! Next, you will begin our Commercial Pilot Certificate Course.
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