Multiengine Rating

During the Multi-Engine Add-on Course, you will learn advanced aircraft systems and multi-engine maneuvers, tips on dealing with situational awareness and the effects of spatial disorientation. You'll learn about advanced aerodynamics, weight and balance and performance determinations.
You'll be taught engine inoperative factors, directional control methods and engine-out operations. In addition, you'll study topics such as advanced wing flap design, flight instruments, complex landing gear, braking systems and high performance engine and controllable pitch propellers. Hydraulic systems, fuel systems, oil systems and anti-ice systems will also be covered.

Finally, you'll master a wide range of multi-engine maneuvers, including crosswind take-offs and climbs, short-field takeoffs, slow-flight maneuvers, steep turns and maximum performance climbs. Last, we'll cover emergency procedures for critical engine out operations. 
5 hours of flight time that includes:
  • 5 hours of multi engine flight instruction.
  • 10 hours of  ground instruction.
  • 1 hour FAA checkride flight

Course pre-requisites: 
  • Must posses at least a Private Pilot Certificate.
  • Candidates must be 18 years of age to participate.
  • Course duration: approximately 2 weeks.