Q: Can I be a Pilot?
A: Yes! Anyone who is 16 years old and reads, writes and understands English could be a student pilot. 

Q: How long does it take to become a Private Pilot?
A: It can be done in only 3 weeks through our accelerated program!

Q: Where can I go as a Private Pilot?   
A: Almost anywhere in the world! That's what's great about flying. You have the freedom to move between the open spaces at your convenience!

Q: Is it hard to fly?               
A: No. It is harder to drive a car than it is to fly an airplane.

Q: Can I fly inside the clouds?            
A: It depends. You may go inside the clouds if you have an Instrument Rating.

Q: What's an Instrument Rating?          
A: It is what you get when you learn how to navigate with the sole use of aircraft instruments and without any visual references.

Q: Can I learn to fly for an airline?
A: You can fly for an airline if you have a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Q: Can American Flying Academy teach me how to get all these certificates and ratings?            
A: Yes! AFA offers a Professional Pilot Course that can be completed in as little as 6 months!

Q: When can I start?             
A: You may start right away! We have several openings throughout the year to accommodate your schedule!

Q: What About accommodations?
A: AFA will offers assistance in getting housing to its students.